EPº 05


Craving for more adventure, we leap and flow across an endless track – the train’s window becomes the thin air that separate us from the past and the present. You and I, as time travelers, record a continuous life scene through our eyes as the beautiful memories bypass our mind. Recalling these moments are difficult with each expiring minute. ‘Stay with me’ constantly replays in our head. We step across time with visions, touches, and scents; the essence of fresh brewed coffee, brown fabric seats, and leather panel on the train as reminders of the departed memories.

Our desire to rewind time and search for memories we hold dear is undeniable. “Time Traveler” wishes to envelope you with the sensation of good old feeling; your dad’s leather jacket, your mom’s favorite scarf or your childhood room. Gently close your eyes, feel the air around you and let aromatic sandalwood, bergamot and green tea with the fruity trace drifting you back through time.

EPº 05