EPº 04


Flashback of calling for a shotgun seat and waking up to our lake house. We yearn for the inner peace that can hardly be found while busy living a city life. Nothing is more exciting than the light and sound of roaring sky and thunderstorm. The stains on our shirts from dirt and misty rain reminisces a sunrise hike to the hill top. The birds resonate the welcoming voice at dawn as if it is our personal song. Our typical getaway turns into atypical wanderlust day.

The essence of forest, calm water and bird sounds; these are the presence that “Lake House” wishes to exude for you. The presence of an invaluable peace amid the city chaos. Let’s embrace the smell of the land, tall trees, and drizzle of rain with cool breeze against your skin; a freshen air that lifts all your stress away.

EPº 04